Requiem For Paul Jason

This is the story of a man who is trying to escape the haunting memory of his dead coldly beautiful wife, the vengeance of her ruthless millionaire father, and the chilling chords of the “Requiem” to be played at his funeral. 104 x 12 minute episodes

Hunt The Man Down Vol 15

Private Investigator Dick Mallory is a man of the world who lives for full-blooded excitement and the intense thrill of the chase. He wages a relentless war against those who live in the shadows of life.

Dangerous Lady

A story full of thrills, intrigue, politics and upheaval, assassination, hot-blooded romance, and a happy ending – surrounding the lives of glamorous Lulu la Sainte and Secret Agent Nigel Worth.
The stars of this show are John Cazabon, Hilda Scurr, Frank Waters, Athol Fleming and Maurice Travers, with the script adapted for radio by Anthony Scott Veitch.
52 x 15 minute episodes

Two Stars And A Story

This one has a bit of everything – generally known as ‘light entertainment’. And it’s very good entertainment too!
Scripted by Peter Yeldham, there are different actors throughout this show, producing a radio series of human interest stories covering adventure, mystery, romance and humour.
50 x 15 minute self-contained episodes

Beyond The Rainbow

A popular FJ Thwaites story which spans the world from the Hungarian Revolution to a Siberian prison camp, and all the way to a soldier settlement farm in the Riverina area of NSW.

Dual Purpose Drama Library

The stories are all originals written by top radio writers and include romance, mystery, suspense and comedy. The cast and crew enjoyed creating such a variety of entertainment.
Each story is completed in 5 segments and there are eight stories on this volume.

Step Into Deep Waters

In this stirring and suspense-filled serial, Simon Blake and his fiancé, Jerry Worth, are caught up in a chain of circumstances which cause their impending marriage to be deferred.


A science-fiction story of a power crazed group who learn to control the elements and hold the world to ransom.
The thrills and ingenuity of this series show that when man dominates the elements, the threat to humanity is more terrible than modern weapons.

Night Beat Vol 15

Night Beat is the story behind the stories in a newspaper column, and the man who writes them – Randy Stone.Night Beat – that’s where Randy gets his stories; the grim ones, the strange ones, and the gentle ones.

Spiral Ten Vol 6

In the heart of Sydney’s colourful, cosmopolitan King’s Cross is The Spiral –a small off-shoot of bustling Macleay Street. At number 10, The Spiral, are the offices of Connor and Mintz, Private Investigators.

No Rainbow In The Sky

No Rainbow In The Sky is the story of Storm Hannaford’s effort to rehabilitate himself in a world which has passed him by.
Found during the Korean War suffering dreadful burns and without anything to establish his identity, Storm was flown back to Sydney where his plastic surgeon gave him his new name.

Sealed Orders

The series was written by James Workman and Brian Wright, narrated by Kevin Golsby, and stars a line-up of Australia’s top actors, including Alan Trevor, Derek Barnes and Max Meldrum.

52×12 Minutes episodes

The Passage Of The Tangmar

Whilst aboard Kendall is to observe the actions of six passengers, five of whom are beneficiaries of a million pound will, to be divided equally between all those who safely arrive in Jamaica. Kendall must also discover which of the passengers was responsible for the death of a sixth beneficiary. It’s an action-packed, fast-moving adventure that combines murder, tragedy and romance, all set on the high seas.The stars of this series are Nigel Lovell, Gordon Glenwright, Dinah Shearing, Pat Crocker, Don Pascoe and Lionel Stevens.

The Broken Melody

Since 1827, when a young Englishman drew his bullock team to a halt beside the flowing river, the name “Mason” became a legend in the Riverina – and each generation has added both effort and acreage to “Nullabean” Station.
Young David Mason, however, throws all these family achievements into jeopardy when he is banished from his private school and sent home.

The Man Who Came to Kill

Paul Saracen, peace-time assassin, whose ‘Sign Of The Scimitar’ was left at the scene of half a dozen unexplained killings, sees an opportunity to profit when he hears a wealthy financier has been robbed.

52 x 12 minute

Oasis of Shalimar

Kent Richards, a Doctor of Science, is invited by Professor Anson, an eminent scientist, to undertake a search for the mysterious element KR4 in the desert near Bundi, India…

52 x 12 minute episodes Produced late 1950s/early1960s

Out Of the Dawn

A Human story of father and son … girl and boy … of ideals and disillusionment.

52 x 12 minute episodes Produced late 1950s/early1960s

Departure Delayed

The couple were caught in Hitler’s first blitz on Holland, fled by tandem bicycle, actually sent their luggage (deadly war documents) across Germany itself, hitched and hiked, flew and sailed, across Europe, Turkey, Arabia, India and the Indies – all without passports during a time of epic turmoil.

Mostly Ghostly

A series of short ghostly tales, each a snippet which has a hint of ‘other worldliness’! Entertaining and good fun, these episodes certainly give you something to think about…Produced around 1960 these quirky tales are voiced by Moray Powell. 46 x 3 minute (approx) self-contained episodes

Yes What? Missing Episodes Vol 1

So get yourself ready for a real treat – Yes, What? – Missing Episodes, Volume 1 has literally ‘risen from the ashes of time’. Enjoy!!

Remember Miranda

Doctor Craig Beaumont was handsome, wealthy and dedicated to progressive medicine. But his ideas weren’t always popular with the citizens of Beaumont, the town named after his grandfather. His campaign against a chemical factory close to the town’s water supply was a case in point.

Hunt The Man Down Vol 13

Private Investigator Dick Mallory is a man of the world who lives for full-blooded excitement and the intense thrill of the chase. He wages a relentless war against those who live in the shadows of life.

Cactus: The Early Years

Buy all 5 for the price of 4 – just $80.00 (buy four, get the fifth free!).

The Castlereagh Line – Vol 1

The Castlereagh Line is the saga of a ruthless man with a single-minded determination, and of the woman he deserted. Lottie Long escapes torture and murder in Northern Queensland and meets Jack Seager in the bar where she is working in Cloncurry. Along with Mat Gore, they establish The Castlereagh Line in 1880 – a coach line with the benefit of a mail contract which covers northern New South Wales.

Dossier On Dumetrius

It introduced Major Gregory Keen of MI5 who was the forerunner to James Bond. The story is set in Post War London and tells of the search for missing Nazi loot which was brought into England by a mysterious, vicious criminal Dumetrius, his gorgeous girlfriend Hedy Bergner and Yottie Bleem, a Butcher who thinks murder is fun. Keen, of course, falls in love with Hedy and only learns her true feelings when the story comes to its highly exciting climax.

The Passing Parade – Vol 1

THE PASSING PARADE with John Doremus was a series of 130 tales that were originally syndicated in the United States. On a visit there in the mid 1960’s, Grace Gibson Productions picked up the Australian, New Zealand and “South Pacific rim” rights to the show. We actually had great success with it, and The Passing Parade became something of a ‘hit’ in this part of the world.


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A Place in the Sun

When beautiful and mysterious Roberta Alden is murdered, the only clue to her past lies in rumours of a secret marriage.

104 x 12 minute episodes.


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Sara Dane

Sara Dane was savagely sentenced to transportation on a trumped-up charge and upon arrival in Sydney Harbour, her conviction to succeed stays strong.


Our Monthly Specials

I, Christopher Macaulay

Thrown out of Sandhurst Military Academy for entertaining a woman in his quarters, Christopher Macaulay is unable to recall how the woman came to be there.Whilst his fiancé (Edwina) forgives him, three days before the wedding Drew Ashleigh visits Christopher and informs him that he went through a form of marriage with Rose (the woman found in his room), and that she is expecting his child.

Grace Gibson Radio Classics – Crime & Mystery Vol 9

American born Miss Grace Gibson brought the first radio transcription programmes to Australia in 1934 and remained to play a leading role in the Australian Broadcasting Industry.

Office Wife

Office Wife is a drama set against a background of both office and home.
It deals with the jealousy which can exist in the mind of a wife whose handsome husband spends seven or eight hours every day with his beautiful secretary.

Chickenman – Vol 1

Written by Dick Orkin

Starring Dick Orkin as CHICKENMAN, The Police Commissioner and The Mayor, with Jane Roberts in all female roles, plus Jim Runyon as The Announcer (‘Well-l-l-l…’) and Rodney Farver
© Dick Orkin


Under Her Spell

“My sister, Julia, had already destroyed one man’s life. Could I stop another man falling … Under Her Spell?”

Yes, What? – Vol 1

YES, WHAT?…in correct chronological orderYes, What? first aired on Adelaide’s 5AD on 23rd June 1936 – the brainchild of lawyer Rex ‘Waca’ Dawe who loved dabbling in stage and radio comedy. Episodes 1-20

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Sound Quality at

Sound Quality at

We receive a lot of positive feedback and compliments about how ‘clean’ our radio serials sound, with so few ‘clicks & pops’ and other surface noise. That is no coincidence, as we go to an awful lot of trouble to get the best possible sound from our collection....

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Ten Facts about Grace Gibson

Ten Facts about Grace Gibson

Continuing our series of Fun, Fact, Frivolous or Fiction, this month we focus on our Company founder, Miss Grace Gibson… Grace was born in 1905 in El Paso, Texas Grace came to Australia in 1934 Grace set up her own company, Grace Gibson Radio Productions in 1944....

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Keith Scott

Keith Scott

For fans of Keith Scott, we’ve included 10 stories about him in a series we’re running: Fun, Fact, Frivolous or Fanciful – this one is about…Keith Scott! Not only was Keith the licensed voice of all the Warner Bros. Looney Tunes cartoon gang from 1990, he was also the...

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