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(208 x 12 minute episodes: about 42 hours)

Cattleman is a fast-moving story of the hard-riding, gentle-loving, cattle-duffing Ben McReady as he carves a place for himself in Queensland’s tough outback.

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Ben is an old man, lying on his death-bed, when our story opens. The friends, old and young, who visit him cause him to recall events out of his past: together they make up the story of Cattleman, a tale which spans three generations.
It’s a chronicle of its time and must also of necessity be a story of war – since two world wards occurred during Ben’s life, but Cattleman is not a war novel. It contains convincing descriptions of life in the Australian outback: the creeping menace of the prickly pear; the suspense of young Ben McReady’s flights from the police; and some interesting details of the ‘correct and most successful’ methods of cattle duffing – a subject on which he is quite an authority! Yet it is the wonderful life and character of old Ben McReady which makes Cattleman such an enthralling tale. He is a kind of ideal Australian in his generosity, and his contempt for authority and affectation. Even his cattle duffing seems to be more an endearing failing than a serious crime. His life history, covering pioneering, marriage and wartime service is also true to the prototype of the ideal Australian.


Cattleman – Cast List 

The role of Ben McReady was originally played by Frank Waters who (for family reasons) had to move to Darwin. He was replaced by Nigel Lovell.

Reverent Coudrey

Dan Clancy

Anne McReady

Danny McReady



Toby Warren

Anthea McReady

Charlie Turner

Jane McReady

Reid Calder

Ken McReady

Gregory Arnedale

Walter Sullivan

Tom Farley

Diane Perryman

Lance Bennett

Lyndall Barbour

Margo Lee

John Gray

Muriel Steinbeck

Bob McDarra

Wendy Playfair

John Unicomb

Martin Redpath

Ken Frazer

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