White Moonlight


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Having survived years of brutality inflicted by sadistic Japanese guards, David Barrington had every right to believe that peace would see him re-united with his young wife and their baby daughter, whom he had evacuated to Australia from Singapore a few weeks before Pearl Harbour.


But fate, alas, had other ideas. Consequently late in 1956 we meet a very embittered Barrington, serving in a private army in the Middle East.
What made this once happy planter sell everything he possessed to become a soldier of fortune? Why does he drink to excess and challenge other’s faith in women? What thoughts torment a mind when hope is a meaningless word and dark suspicions become a part of every hour? Is eventual rehabilitation possible for him?
A moving story of its era from the pen of FJ Thwaites and adapted for radio in 1959.

52 x 12 minute episodes

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