Castlereagh Line Vol 4


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Episodes 196–260 (about 6 and 1/2 hours)

Following the tragic coach crash which killed all passengers aboard, local and state funerals are held for Simon Summers.


It is then discovered that his estate is miniscule and suspicion is raised over the sale of his shares in Castlereagh Coaches on the day of his death. With Lottie’s scathing words about the coach crash echoing in his ears, Charles Hamilton is certain that nobody, including Seager and Gore, could sink that low – until his introduction to Simon Summer’s son Renfrew. To quote Renfrew: “This man Charles Hamilton stood apart from others. Had I but known it he was to play a large part in the shaping of my destiny, and I in the shaping of his”. Meanwhile Jack Seager goes off to buy a steamship company – this part of the journey may just be a bit rocky …

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