Stranger in Paradise


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104 x 12 mins – 20+ hours

A man looks forward to a day on the beach with his girlfriend and finds a vastly different sort of body getting in his way.


If Bill North hadn’t been such a good bloke – innocent of Hollywood and the direction of its merry-go-round – he might never have found himself with a corpse on his hands and framed for murder.Bill was making it big with a writing contract for a production company and enjoying the warmth of the Californian climate (far different from his native London), with his gorgeous girl, June, by his side.One Saturday, after a swim in the waters below his cliff-top Malibu house, Bill’s world changed.  As he opened the boot of his car, June screamed, Bill took a closer look, then slammed it closed again.  Whose body was it; why was it there;  and – should he tell the police?As realisations dawn and cold fury sets in, Bill he sets out to trap whoever it was that set him up.


Stranger In Paradise – Cast List 

Bill North






Vern coombe

Lt. Reed

Joe Rocca




Guy Doleman

Moria Redmond

Roger Climpson

Ron Whelan

Sheila Sewell

John Crane

Gordon Chater

Nigel Lovell

Owen Weingott

Alan Trevor

John Saul

Grant Taylor

Written by Lindsay Hardy

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