Castlereagh Line Vol 7


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65 x 6 mins – about 6 1/2 hours

The wrangling over shareholdings in Castlereagh Coaches intensifies and Lottie’s responsibilities subdue her desire to follow her heart and escape.


In the wake of Renfrew Summers’ suicide, Lottie has to deal with the murder of a private investigator in one of her rooms. Documents found with the body implicate her in his activities and she is called to give evidence at the inquest.Wrangling ensues over the shares of Castlereagh Coaches previously held by Renfrew Summers – the result of which is some corporate reorganisation. As events unfold Lottie finds herself being torn in different directions by family responsibilities, business opportunities and commitments, and, the desire to just escape and follow her heart.Not least of her worries are threats from old foes Edwina Hamilton-Summers and Jack Seager.  But with the support of her son, and with good old Mrs Mac back at her side, Lottie once again shows her inner strength and takes an offensive position.

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