The Red Gardenia


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104 x 12 mins – 20+ hours

Action and suspense follow fast when James Mallory, debonair but tough security agent, finds a red gardenia.  Why is it red and where did it come from?


Agents for a powerful chemical consortium based in the East create a virus that does not kill animals, but renders wool, hide or skin valueless. Eastern Powers are interested but want a ‘field test’ under natural conditions and not, obviously, in their own countries.A former journalist turned communist wants to return home and is duped by his former hosts into a conspiracy to smuggle the virus into Australia.  So how, and why, did a red gardenia appear in a wealthy grazier’s city apartment – on the same day that he and four others ‘disappear’ in Sydney? Action and suspense follow as tough security agent James Mallory seeks to unravel the mystery of The Red Gardenia.

The Red Gardenia – Cast List 



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