Heir Apparent


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65 x 6 mins – around 6 1/2 hours A story of big business, industrial espionage, brilliant minds, envy and escapism.


Linc Merritt was raised by his Uncle Clive – head of a mammoth corporation.  Although groomed to succeed his uncle, Linc sets up his own business as a photographer.Problems caused by industrial espionage lead Uncle Clive to seek Linc’s return to help find the culprit. He agrees but his uncle suffers a heart attack. With the pressure piled high Linc narrows his list of suspects.Then, just when Uncle Clive seems to have recuperated enough to return to work, he appears to have a fatal heart attack.  Only it was murder.Now Linc is really on his own – torn by the conflicting forces of big business, by the connivings of those who seek to usurp his throne, and the wiles of an elusive industrial spy, who may well be his uncle’s murderer – ready and waiting to strike again.

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