I, Christopher Macaulay


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(130 x 12 minute episodes: about 26 hours)

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A tale of one man’s love, betrayal, revenge, and greed.


Thrown out of Sandhurst Military Academy for entertaining a woman in his quarters, Christopher Macaulay is unable to recall how the woman came to be there.Whilst his fiancé (Edwina) forgives him, three days before the wedding Drew Ashleigh visits Christopher and informs him that he went through a form of marriage with Rose (the woman found in his room), and that she is expecting his child.

Following their break-up Edwina announces her engagement to Drew Ashleigh. Embittered, Christopher has no choice but to accept his circumstances and leaves with Rose for Australia, where he becomes a wealthy grazier and a force in politics. In due course the Ashleighs come to Australia to settle. From the moment of their arrival in Sydney, Christopher sets out to ruin Drew – which at length he does. But revenge leaves him with a sour taste and he finds that for all his wealth and influence he is left with nothing but Rose. It’s only when he is about to lose her does he realise his true feelings for Rose, with the result that he also rediscovers his true self.

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