Castlereagh Line Vol 9


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The Castlereagh Rose completes her maiden voyage from Britain to Australia. Holly’s of Sydney is close to opening and Lottie’s boys cause her a great deal of heartache. (65 x 6 minutes: around six and a half hours)



The Castlereagh Rose completes her maiden voyage from London to Sydney via the Suez Canal, India, Mauritius, Fremantle and Melbourne. Unfortunately the disappearance overboard of one band member, and the attempted murder of another, casts a shadow over the journey.

Charles Hamilton has remained in England to court Delia Pond, so his sister Edwina accompanies their mother on The Castlereagh Rose to Sydney. It gives her the perfect opportunity to keep tabs on Jack Seager.

Lottie, meantime, prepares for the opening of Holly’s of Sydney. When she gets a cable from Charles Hamilton that William Holly has left his studies in London, her concern turns to panic and she books a berth on a ship to London which is due to depart only days before the official opening of the new hotel.

Gordon’s disillusionment with the law leads him to terminate his university studies and work for his mother. In doing so his identity is confused with someone else – which lands him in serious trouble.

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