No Rainbow In The Sky


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No Rainbow In The Sky is the story of Storm Hannaford’s effort to rehabilitate himself in a world which has passed him by.
Found during the Korean War suffering dreadful burns and without anything to establish his identity, Storm was flown back to Sydney where his plastic surgeon gave him his new name.


Unable to settle in Sydney he is persuaded to accept a job at the Mittagong Training School for underprivileged children where he meets a disillusioned boy named Peter Morrison. They form a friendship, and together with Peter’s kelpie pup, determine to make the best of life.
Based on the novel by FJ Thwaites this series stars Nigel Lovell, Marion Johns, Max Osbiston, Del Furze, and Judy Griffith, along with Allan Trevor as the Narrator. 52 x 12min Episodes

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