Yes What? Missing Episodes Vol 2


Download file size is 220 megabytes

In all, there were 520 episodes to Yes, What? and yet only 312 (from eps 209-520) were broadcast on radio from the early 1950s onwards, and have been released to the general public by as Yes, What? Volumes 1-16.
Those first 208 episodes appeared to be forever consigned to history, never to see the light of day to all bar a tiny handful of enthusiastic collectors who were able to cobble together a smattering of those missing tracks
In Yes, What? – Missing Episodes we have been able to bring together what remains of those early shows for you to enjoy. In all, there are 53 tracks that have survived, and we are incredibly indebted to Jamie Kelly, Ian Dodds and Bob Hawker for their generosity in sharing their personal archives with us to make these releases possible.
So get yourself ready for a real treat – Yes, What? – Missing Episodes, Volume 2 has once again ‘risen from the ashes of time’. Enjoy!!



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