The Quiet Stranger


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Karl Ellman quickly earns the respect of those who come to know him. As an officer of Rommel’s ill-fated Afrika Korps, he shouldered a gun to fight for a country he loved…as did many an Australian who comes to be his friend.
With charm, and honesty, he fits unobtrusively and easily into the life of a country town as he searches for the family of an Australian soldier who died in his arms – to return a map to them which mentions a gold reef.


But there is a second, more sinister figure who comes to Riverbend from Germany. A man whose appearance has been changed by plastic surgery, who uses an assumed name, and a facade of lies, to hide his identity as a former SS Officer.
Throughout the turbulence of mystery, drama and tragedy there is Illona, a lovely girl tricked into marriage with the arrogant Victor Berenson, and who treasures the great love she once shared with Karl Ellman.
208 x 12 minute episodes

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