Philip Marlowe Investigates

Philip Marlowe – the paradoxical detective with a tough demeanour and a philosophical heart.

Life with Dexter

Willie Fennell created this iconic Australian radio sit-com in 1953 and it ran until 1964. Dexter Dutton is lovable, laughable and ludicrous at times.

Keith Scott sings 21st Century Blues

Semi-topical/already dated songs in the key of despair.

I, Christopher Macaulay

A tale of one man’s love, betrayal, revenge, and greed.

Catherine Gaskin Collection

We also have a new budget friendly package buy… The Catherine Gaskin Collection


Dragnet brings you authentic cases from the files of the Police, and follows the daily routine of Sergeant Joe Friday and his partner Ben Romero.


All features that are available on CD are now also available as Downloads

A Relative Affair

This is the story of Carolyn Linton – a beautiful, spoilt and possessive woman. She could attract men and destroy them at will.

Yes, What? Vol 14


Monthly Specials

Visit our monthly Specials page and pick up a bargain.

Night Beat Vol 1

The story behind the stories in a newspaper column, and the man who writes them – Randy Stone. He’s a columnist with a heart. Each episode contains a self-contained story.

The Castlereagh Line Vol 14

To quote Jack Seager, Lottie’s new husband tries “playing both ends against the middle” – the consequences of which are unpredictable.

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Not To Be Taken

Whilst it's been in the shop for a little while, Not To Be Taken, is a fairly new release. It's one for those who like longer story lines (i.e. it's 208 x 12 minute episodes), so lots of listening there! The catch phrase for this series is that Rhonda is a woman who...

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New Products

We have started adding new products to our retail store - and we hope you like our new website design.   This site has an improved search function which will make it easier to find your desired item.   We are still fine-tuning the site and you'll noticed adjustments...

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Give Me No Pity

It’s always been acknowledged that the most boring female character in radio dramas is a happily married woman, hence there are so many ‘bitch’ stories where the lead female character has more than her fair share of negative traits. And sometimes there is more than...

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