The Letter From Spain

Allan Lambert receives a letter from a mysterious prisoner in Spain promising him a share in a large fortune if he pays a fine to help recover a suitcase containing the necessary documents.

You Can't Win

Written for radio by Ross Napier, and with some humorous narration by Howard Craven, there are 52 x 12 minute episodes to this series.104 x 15 mins

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The Knave Of Hearts

Mr Timothy Pimm spends his time exploiting wealthy families by arranging marriages between their daughters and destitute aristocrats.

Starlight Theatre Vol 6

A good radio play is a dramatised story which brings pleasure and enjoyment to listeners – and Starlight Theatre most definitely fills these requirements.

Black Cloud

Produced in the late 1950s, this science fiction serial is about an intruder from outer space which travels in a black cloud and threatens life on planet Earth in the year 2021.

Scientists try to communicate with the cloud and the intruder is surprised to find intelligent forms of life on a solid planet.

The future of the wold lies in what becomes a battle between the logic of the scientists and the nuclear might of the politicians.

26 x 12 minute segments.

The Haverlock Affair

128 episodes – 2 CDs

Sonia Haverlock is accused of pushing a man to his death during a lonely drive. When arrested, Sonia doesn’t deny her guilt; nor does she care what happens to her.


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Adventures of Major Gregory Keen Package

The entire Gregory Keen series (Dossier on Dumetrius, Deadly Nightshade, 26 Hours, Two Roads
To Samarra, and The Smell of Terror).

The Witches Tale

A radio horror series from the early 1940s featuring weird, blood chilling tales of the supernatural, as told by ‘Old Nancy’ the witch of Salem and ‘Satan’ her wise black cat.

Yes, What? Vol 1-16

Volumes 1-16 on CD’s, USB and Download

Kevin Trump - Private Detective

Open the vault: here’s one from the early days of the writers of HowGreen Was My Cactus. A mad send-up of the noir private detectivegenre, starring Kev Golsby, Ross Higgins & Robyn Moore.65 x 3 minute episodes


Chickenman Collection

There are 5 CDs to this collection. Each CD is $36.95 and contains 65 tracks.

Grace Gibson Radio Classics – Drama & Serials Vol 3

This classic collection provides samples of the “half hour” format. Grace Gibson was awarded the Order of Australia in 1987.

Starlight Theatre Vol 6

A good radio play is a dramatised story which brings pleasure and enjoyment to listeners – and Starlight Theatre most definitely fills these requirements.


The Beauty Makers

An absorbing, romantic story of the struggles for personal success being fought beyond the ground floor salons of a famous American cosmetic house.

Produced in the 1950s and adapted from a novel by N.B. Lamont, this series contains 26 x 24 minute episodes.

Chuck Chunder Of The Space Patrol Collection Vol 1-3

Don’t miss all the thrills, spills and excitement as Chuck Chunder battles the forces of evil wherever they lurk in the far, dark corners of the galaxy.


Night Beat Vol 8

Night Beat – that’s where Randy gets his stories; the grim ones, the strange ones, and the gentle ones. In Randy’s words: –


Life With Dexter Vol 7

Willie Fennell created this iconic Australian radio sit-com in 1953 and it ran until 1964. Dexter Dutton is lovable, laughable and ludicrous at time.


Address Unknown Vol 5

When people disappear nobody knows just where they will turn up, and there is virtually no place on Earth which has not at some time or other been combed by the agents of the Missing Persons Bureau.

The Sinners Of Sonoma

The story of small town snobbery and corruption set in the tightly welded community of Sonoma – where family tradition is paramount.

The Passing Parade Vol 25 & 26

Volume 25- 26 are a further selection of 50 tracks each from that Passing Parade.

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Yes What? Vol 10

Yes What? Vol 10

Volume 10 of Yes, What? has arrived!  Greenbottle, Standforth and Co are back!  School’s in – time to put your feet up with a mug (or glass) of something pleasing, and listen to the antics of the boys at St Percy’s. Definitely not anything like the classrooms of...

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Sara Dane

Sara Dane

With Australia Day approaching, our minds have turned to the struggles endured by colonial Australians. Not all those who came here in the early days of white settlement actually chose to come here, and a great story which encapsulates that era is Sara Dane. Written...

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Gregory Keen

Gregory Keen

Major Gregory Keen is one very popular character. Thankfully Lindsay Hardy wrote a total of five radio adventures based around him. Although he is repeatedly challenged to the edge of his existence, he keeps reappearing to fight another espionage battle, along with...

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