Violets Are Blue


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(130 episodes x 12 mins on 2 CD’s – around 26 hours of listening)
An army officer kills the man who violated his wife. It appears an open and shut case until the undercurrents are investigated and a vicious story unfolds

130 episodes, around 26 hours of listening


Violets Are Blue provides a vivid insight into the intrigue and drama in which Richard Blake is involved before, during and after the trial of Stephen Aldrich. There is no doubt who killed Fred Royle, but did he deserve to die and was Aldrich justified in taking the law into his own hands? Besides, Betsy Aldrich was no angel: she knew how to look after herself and perhaps her accusation of rape was to save herself from the fury of her husband. This is the story of a violent crime which reaps retribution and horror on the innocent as well as the guilty.

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