My Fathers House


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(65 x 6 minute episodes: about 6 and 1/2 hours)

My Father’s House is a tense tale of violence and romance. Written by Ross Napier, author of The Castlereagh Line. 


“It was always there to lure me back… Bannockburn, my heritage” My Father’s House is a tense tale of violence and sophisticated romance.
After qualifying as a lawyer, Robby Leyland takes time to explore the world and enjoy an indulgent lifestyle before returning home to join his father’s law firm. Circumstances, not of his making, lead Robby into a life of crime and a ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ existence. Just when he is confident that all debts have been settled and he is sublimely happy – out
of the blue comes a phone call from the past – a phone call that disrupts his serene life and forces him to resume the role of “Mignon”. Robby discovers he cannot escape from his dark past and is caught in an ugly net of underworld violence and murder, in the clutches of which he is ultimately obliged to conceive and carry out ‘the crime of the century’.

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