Castlereagh Book Series

As you may be aware, due to its incredible success as a radio serial, Ross Napier created a book version of The Castlereagh Line in what became a 6 volume set of paperbacks.

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Yes What? Vol 9

Here are the next 20 episodes of Australian radio’s original comedy classic Yes, What?

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This Side Of Innocence

Adapted from Taylor Caldwell’s novel, This Side Of Innocence, this is the story of the beautiful Amalie Maxwell who is brought into the Lindsey home by Alfred, the adopted son of the Lindsey family.

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A Relative Affair

This is the story of Carolyn Linton – a beautiful, spoilt and possessive woman. She could attract men and destroy them at will.

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This Side Of Innocence

Apologies for the delay with this one – it’s here now though! Power, money and rivalry in both business and love – these tensions divide the Lindsey family with disastrous consequences. Hear a sample of the series via the ‘Listen’ tab of our... read more

Without Shame

At the time it was produced, Without Shame was referred to as Number 96 on radio For those who can remember the TV series Number 96, this will provoke a smile. For those who are too young – Number 96 was a racy series on Channel 10 in the 1970’s. The Without Shame ‘censors’ did baulk at having a lesbian Prison Governor, and instead turned the character into a ‘Madam’, who rents out female prisoners for her own gain. Poor Judith Farrow (played by Wynne Nelson) is wrongly convicted of murdering her husband and sister – who were found dead in bed together. Being a church-going young woman, Judith protests her innocence but to no avail, and eventually a media magnate finances her appeal and release. However in return he expects her life to become serialised in his newspapers, and for her to be at his beck and call. Every step Judith takes to prove her innocence seems to embroil her in yet another compromising situation. Hear a sample of the show by clicking on the ‘Listen’... read more
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