The Shame of Sefton Ridge


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104 x 12 mins – 20+ hours
A saga of blind prejudice and misplaced price…of a man and the women who loved him.


Urged on by his father, law school graduate Anson Page is plunged into a legal battle wherein he agrees to represent a local down-and-out against the influence and social prestige of the town’s leading citizens.  The consequences are drastic – he loses both his job and his fiance.Bitter and disillusioned, he leaves Sefton Ridge for New York where he re-establishes himself as a lawyer and eventually marries.Fifteen years later, he returns to his home town in the ‘Deep South’ on a case involving famed novelist Garvin Wales – whose wife has accused Garvin’s New York publishers of embezzlement.Anson Page becomes involved with his childhood sweetheart, Dinah now married to the town’s most powerful and wealthy man, and with the help of an introduction from her, manages to solve the case with a startling revelation.


 The Shame of Sefton Ridge – Cast List

Anson Page


Kit Robbins

Mickey Higgens

Sam Bates

Ian Garrick

Lola Brooks

Tom Farley

Page, Senior

Alastair Duncan

Wendy Playfair

Ann Haddy

Richard Meikle

Robert McDarra

John Unicomb

Midge Higgens

Henry Pettibone

Ron Haddrick

Adapted for radio by Ross Napier

Directed by Eden Rutter

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