Requiem For Paul Jason


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This is the story of a man who is trying to escape the haunting memory of his dead coldly beautiful wife, the vengeance of her ruthless millionaire father, and the chilling chords of the “Requiem” to be played at his funeral. 104 x 12 minute episodes


Through the medium of Rory Callaghan, Paul Jason learns of friendship. Through the medium of Newlah he learns the way of self-sacrifice, and through Jill Gantry (his sister-in-law) he learns of real love.Because of his father-in-law he learns how to kill, and at the last, when they face each other man for man – money, influence and power notwithstanding – it is Paul Jason who can find mercy in his heart.
Written and produced by Allan Trevor, Leonard Teale stars as Paul Jason, with the cast also including James Condon, Richard Davies, Janette Craig, Wendy Playfair, Sheila Sewell and Richard Meikle.

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