Goodbye Gwynnevere


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Every nation has something to hide and, for its own protection is constantly endeavouring to seek out information that may enable pressure to be brought to bear, not only on its political opposites but also on its friends. The corruption in high places is rife.

65 episodes – around six and a half hours of listening


And, so the scene is set for this story, which concerns Secret Agent Roger Schofield, who thought he could retire from the Service to lead a quiet life in the country. He would always remember his associate agent, but would not regret saying to her – Goodbye, Gwynnevere.

Roger Schofield has been attached to a special branch of the British Secret Service for more than twenty years. Tired of the life, and more than somewhat disillusioned by the nature of the missions he has been called on to carry out, he resigns and takes a job in the Home Office.

Roger is ordered by West to assassinate his erstwhile fellow secret agent David Cunningham, who has been arrested for selling vital information to the Russians and has threatened that, if brought to trial, he will divulge all he knows about the Service and its activities. Reluctantly Roger agrees to carry out this final mission.


Roger Schofield


Anne Schofield

Colonel West

Rex Dillon

Myra Dillon

Helen Tennant

Inspector Laird

Alice Donaldson

John Benton

Wynne Nelson

Joan Dalgleish

Ron Roberts

John Fitzgerald

Fay Anderson

Lynn Murphy

Moray Powell

Pam Eagle

Written for radio by Ross Napier
Directed by John Woodward

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