Give Me No Pity


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2 CD – 130 Episodes
Jane Worthington’s somewhat unusual life came to a crossroad on Friday the 13th. Jane’s husband has been missing in New Guinea for over 3 years, presumed dead.

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Her son has a debilitating bone condition. Now her treacherous ex-lover has bought the advertising agency where she works; her son’s condition is deteriorating and needs very expensive medical treatment; and then someone swears they’ve seen her husband alive but on skid row, just as she has agreed to marry a colleague. And – when Jane thinks things couldn’t get worse, she’s accused of murdering her husband. A very intriguing story!

Cast List Give Me No Pity – Cast List

Jane Worthington                           Dinah Shearing
Griff                                                 Matthew O’Sullivan
Eve                                                 Amber Mae Cecil
Derek                                              Mark Kelly
Jeremy (child)                                 Yvonne Matthews
Mary                                                Patti Crocker
Keith                                               Greg Apps
Miss Worthington                            Faye Anderson
Sgt Wright                                       Alan Faulkner
Charlie                                            Ron Roberts

Written by Raymond Neville
Directed by John Woodward

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