The Strange Life of Deacon Brodie


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52 Episodes
This is the life story upon which Robert Louis Stevenson based his novel Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, but life is often stranger than fiction.


For over 20 years Deacon William Brodie lives a strange and secret life, unknown to his friends and associates – even to his wife. At times his duplicity is suspected but proof is elusive. But at last, driven by heavy gambling losses and the urging of his wife to live more lavishly, William Brodie’s daring exploits go astray and his attempts to cheat the gallows provide riveting listening.


Cast List – The Strange Life of Deacon Brodie

Narrator                                                            Lloyd Berrell

Deacon Brodie                                                 Bruce Stewart

Jean Watt                                                         Lyndal Barbour

Bella                                                                 Coral Lansbury

Mrs Stuart                                                         Rita Pauncefort

George                                                              Ossie Wenban

Patterson                                                           Rodney Taylor

Adapted for radio by Kathleen Carroll

Producer Reg Johnston

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