The Smell Of Terror


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(104 episodes x 12 mins – around 20 hours of listening)
Retired and having trouble adjusting to every-day life, Gregory Keen is quietly fishing when he receives a letter from a friend in the West Indies, inviting him to holiday there for as long as he wishes.

104 episodes, around 20 hours of listening


The island republic is ruled by a dictator, who receives word that an ex-armed forces type is heading to the island to help train revolutionaries.  When Keen’s host Denise refuses to sell her estate to the State, she receives threatening phone calls. She finds her staff will no longer come to work. Her chauffeur is beaten. Then Keen is framed and arrested.  The intrigue that follows finds Keen and Tommy Coutts return to their old ways as they deal with kidnappings, beatings and corruption.  This is the final of the Major Gregory Keen adventures. Previous titles in the series are Dossier on Dumetrius, Deadly Nightshade, Twenty Six Hours and Two Roads To Samarra.

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