The House of Gold


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(130 episodes – around 26 hours of listening)

“Golden Acres” is being maintained anonymously by Daniel Gold, whilst it is actually owned by his drunken and dissolute brother, Rufus.



It is their children, Nicholas and Bella, who will fight each other and the vicious but beautiful murderess, Selina Dale, for possession of “The House of Gold”.

This story takes place in two vastly different environments – the quiet of an English country yard and a hot explosive new land where gold is sought and desired, but brings disaster and death to many.


 The House of Gold – Cast List

Silina Gold

Bella Gold

Nicholas Meadows




Nat Tilden

Rufus Gold

Daniel Meadows

Judi Farr

Deborah Baile

John Keightley

Faye Anderson

Anthony Wheeler

Lea Denfield

Robert Newcombe

Phil Jay

Ron Roberts

Written by Kathleen Carroll

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