The Clock Vol 1


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“Sunrise and sunset – promise and fulfilment – birth and death – the whole drama of life is written in the sands of time”

Volume One – 15 Episodes


… so says the narrator of the series who appears as The Clock. A series of self-contained human interest stories, from comedy and romance, to mystery and intense drama.

There are 15 x 24 minute self-contained stories on this CD.

The Clock – Track List

1. The Millionaire
2. The Actor
3. The Story of Mr Littlefield
4. The One-Eyed Cat
5. Jungle Drums
6. Aunt Emmy
7. The Dentist’s Chair
8. Ghost Story
9. The Other Woman
10. The Bank Vault
11. Time In Reverse
12. The Double Cross
13. Amazon Island
14. Pretty Cousin
15. Ophelia

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