The Bishop’s Mantle


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100 Episodes

The grandson of a Bishop, Hilary Laurens is the Rector of St Matthews.


His story is one of two loyalties – to his church/his calling, and, to the beautiful and wealthy Alexis, who eventually becomes his wife. When War breaks out, Hilary is in a quandary: he is firmly set against War but as a preacher he must be able to look his parishioners in the eye.
Hilary’s sermons ‘keep the congregation awake’ and he develops a reputation which is far from that of a dreary do-gooder.


The Bishop’s Mantle – Cast List

Character                                              Actor

Hilary Laurens                                     Michael Pate
Lex                                                     Sheila Sewell
Henry Albert                                       Charles McCallum
Muff                                                    Ethel Lang
Morris                                                 Alan Herbert
Miss Mowbray                                    Alan Herbert
Mrs Reid                                             Ruth Cracknell
Diana Downs                                      Winifred Green
Samantha Adams                              Thelma Scott
Mr McCulley                                       Alan White
Mrs McCulley                                    Madge Ryan

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