Partners In Jeopardy


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Many lawyers eventually become interested in politics and Portia Manning (of the Portia Faces Life series) was no exception. 104 Episodes


When this brilliant and beautiful lawyer was approached by a number of leading and influential citizens to be their candidate at the next election,
she could not deny her interest. If, however, she had known who was really behind her nomination and what the outcome would be, Portia would have most emphatically refused.

Partners In Jeopardy – Cast List

Portia Manning                            Lyndall Barbour
Christopher                                   Nigel Lovell
Dickie                                            John Norman
Lucretia                                        Amber Mae Cecil
Piers Mariner                              Ric Hutton
Calvin Calbert                             Bob McDarra
Conrad Bird                                 Tom Farley
Charmaine                                   Georgie Sterling

Directed by Eden Rutter

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