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The story of a prolific and hugely successful novelist who also has insatiable appetites. A rags to riches story which explores the illusions associated with success. (104 x 15 mins: 20+ hours).

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In a very short period, Kinkhead rose from penniless drifter to become the most feted and renowned author of his time. Money poured into Kinkhead’s coffers and, just as swiftly, poured out again.

Kinkhead was big business … a gold mine … a ‘walking oil well’ that gushed words onto paper and sold a million copies. Women flocked to his side.

His enemies were legion and ranged from fellow writers who envied his success to the countless women he spurned … and in many cases, their husbands.

The price of happiness, like the price of success, came high for Kinkhead. Following a series of literary failures and financial setbacks, he renounced the world about him and sought refuge in a Tibetan monastery.

But even there solitude alluded him and, upon returning to the real world he assumed a new identity. No matter, his ultimate moment of truth awaited him.

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