Escape Me Never


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In Venice, wealthy English girl (Fenella) is in love with a struggling musician named Caryl. He won’t marry her until he can afford to.


Gemma, a young lady dressed as a student, steals food for her baby from the household of Fenella’s parents. The parents mistakenly assume the baby is Caryl’s and the family leaves for London. Amid confusion and uproar, Caryl’s brother Sebastian tries to follow to explain the truth to Fenella, however the result is both Gemma and Fenella declare their love for Sebastian. But what of Caryl?


Character                                                                        Actor

Caryl Sanger                                                              Michael Pate

Fenella MacLean                                                       Coral Lansbury

Gemma                                                                      Marion Johns

Sebastian Sanger                                                      Alan White

Lady MacLean                                                           Rita Ponsford

Otto Heinrich                                                              Alfred Bristow

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