Dinner At Antoine’s


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Dinner At Antoine’s involves Orson Foxworth – the daring, unscrupulous president of an American shipping line and a mysterious death.
52 x 12 min episodes


He celebrates his return to New Orleans after a long absence by giving a dinner in the unique ‘1840 Room’ at Antoine’s (a famous restaurant). The dinner is ostensibly planned to introduce his charming niece to his friends in Louisiana, but it also serves as a springboard from which to renew his courtship with the beautiful widow Amelie Lalande. Thirty hours later Amelie’s daughter Odile is found dead in mysterious circumstances,
and the dinner guests all become suspects.


Cast List – Dinner At Antoine’s

Joe Resina                                                                   Alan White

Orson Foxworth                                                           Kevin Brennan

Ruth Avery                                                                   Betty McDowell

Amelie Lalande                                                            Queenie Ashton

Odile St Amant                                                            Margo Lee

Caresse Lalande                                                         Rosemary Miller

Clarinda Da Cur                                                          Ruth Cracknell

Leonce St Amant                                                         Bruce Stewart

Sabin Duplessis                                                          Bruce Beebe

Russell Aldridge                                                          Reg Goldsworthy

Dr Perrault                                                                   Alfred Bristow

Captain Murphy                                                           Nigel Lovell

Tossie Pride                                                                 Dorothy Manning

Adapted for radio by Kathleen Carroll

Producer Lawrence H. Cecil

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