For some added entertainment, following is a review of The Knave Of Hearts by
the author of Drama In Silent Rooms, Peter Philp:

If you love a good radio drama, a podcast or talking book then this is a must for your collection: The Knave of Hearts, by Lindsay Hardy, author of Dossier on Dumetrius, Deadly Nightshade and 26 Hours.

Hardy left Australian in 1952 for a very successful career in Hollywood. On his return to Australia in 1956 he scripted The Knave of Hearts and a number of other quality radio dramas for Donovan Joyce. The success of The Knave of Hearts led to the publication of the story as a book, titled The Grand Duke and Mr. Pimm and a Hollywood movie, Loves and Ball starring Glenn Ford, Hope Lange and Charles Boyer. The film was great but the radio drama was even better. The Knave of Hearts was sold to the Major Broadcasting Network for a near record amount before the serial was written. So great was the reputation of Lindsay Hardy!

The Knave of Hearts is different but demonstrates the diversity and quality that radio drama presents to the listener. We have waited a long time for the re-issue of The Knave of Hearts. Make sure that you take this opportunity to hear one of the all-time classics of Australian radio.
Peter Philp Author of Drama in Silent Rooms (the history of Australian radio drama) Broadcasting Historian.

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