Apparently a few people have had problems in using their credit card on check-out.

So, let us explain: once you transfer to Paypal you are subject to their security features, and sometimes this may create a conflict with the anti-virus software on your computer.

If you encounter problems going through to Paypal, make sure the security protocols on your computer are not preventing the Paypal window opening.

If this does occur please check on your screen and ensure there isn’t a notification asking you to give permission to go through to Paypal.

Also, if you go to Paypal and are offered the selection of choosing a Paypal account or a credit card transaction, and then choose the credit card option but nothing happens – it could be the same issue. Please check to see if you have a security notification which requires authorisation.

All information and transactions are held in Paypal’s secure site. The Grace Gibson Productions site does not store any payment details.

Hope this helps. Remember, we’re always happy to take orders over the phone: just call us (during office hours) on (02) 9906-2244.

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