For fans of Robyn Moore here are some things you may not know about Robyn!

  1. Robyn was born in Hobart Tasmania in 1950, however as her Dad was a Stockman, Shearer and Shearers’ Chef, she grew up on isolated Sheep and Cattle Stations. She LOVED listening to the serials on the “wireless” and when little, all her toys had voices as she tried to teach them…she also turned an apple box into a switchboard and tried to talk to the world. No wonder she became a Teacher, Voice-Over Artist and speaks around the world.
  2. At 17 Robyn sang in her first band (called “1812”) in Hobart. This soul band (with 6 part harmony) came second in the National Finals of Hoadleys “Battle of the Sounds” (Vocal Section) in 1969. “The Affair” with Kerrie Biddell won! “1812” moved to Sydney in 1970…the cast of “Hair” and the Vietnam R&R service-people loved them. Robyn used to be HOT!
  3. After 5 years teaching/singing and VOs in Hobart , Robyn moved to Sydney in 1976 with her (Band Manager) Husband Hal. Her last Band Residency was at the famous “Bourbon and Beefsteak Bar” in Kings Cross…where she sang for 10 years until 1992. It was a very colourful place and one night a “Promotor” told Robyn he could “take her to the top”. What was his real job? He was a Crane-Driver!
  4. A VO Artist for 47 years, Robyn’s had the pleasure of working with Keith Scott for 43 years, pairing up together in Australia’s longest running Radio Show “HOW GREEN WAS MY CACTUS” for 33 years! Robyn loves creating all the female voices. Her favourites are Julia Buzzard, Pauline Hatful, Judge Cranky and Queen Hayseed the Grouse! (When Hazel Hawke heard the show she said “It’s close enough to be uncomfortable!”)
  5. In 1983, the “Father of Australian Animation” Yoram Gross, asked Robyn to create the voice of a rabbit in his Movie “Dot and the Bunny”…he then invited her to be Dot and all the females in the subsequent 6 Dot Movies with Keith Scott. In 1992, Yoram bought the rights to “Blinky Bill” and asked Robyn to create his voice. This mischievous, loveable koala is iconic and has changed Robyn’s life. Most Australians 36 years or younger have a very special connection to “Blinky”. Robyn has made Blinky phone calls to children for 26 years.
  6. Robyn has been on Screen in various mediums. She was a Gypsy in “Kingswood Country”, a presenter on Morning TV with Bert Newton and she appeared in the movie “Race the Sun” with Halle Berry and James Belushi. The cast members said the movie was an STV Movie. Robyn was impressed until she learned STV meant “Straight To Video”.
  7. VO people are always anonymous and behind the scenes…Robyn once Ad-libbed a 30 second endorsement for a brand of stretch jeans. They sold $3.5 million worth of jeans in 5 days. Robyn was paid $60. Robyn sang the iconic “Spray ‘n Wipe” Jingle…(no it’s not Paula Duncan’s voice) and she did every demo for Julie Anthony when she was the face of St George Bank. Funnily enough, Robyn has been the Voice on St George Phone Banking for 20 years. An older man rang the service 70 times in a week. Asked if he was having trouble with the IT…he said he was in love with her. (He thought Robyn was Julie Anthony!)
  8. Robyn’s always been involved with Charities as a Volunteer and has been a Wish-Granting Volunteer and National Patron for Make-A-Wish Australia for 26 years. She helps grant Wishes for children with “Life-Threatening Medical Conditions”. These Wishes create remarkable results in childrens’ response to their treatment. Robyn spoke to 1000 MAWish Delegates in LA and was recently named the Make-A-Wish International Volunteer of the year.
  9. For 25 years Robyn has been one of Australia’s most in-demand Speakers. She speaks to people in every sector and her “Tailored” presentations focus on “The Power of the Word”. This is the perfect vocation to express her love of Teaching, VOs and Entertainment. Robyn is Managed by Leading Voice Speaker Management.   Her Husband Hal, was her Manager but says after 47 years of marriage…she is “unmanageable!”

10.            Their 2 sons have been brought up with a love of the entertainment Business. Younger son Daniel is an Award-Winning Architect and VO Artist in Melbourne…and older son Toby Leonard Moore is a successful VO Artist and Actor in NYC staring in Netflix “DareDevil” and currently in the HIT show “Billions” on STAN. Toby’s radio debut at 3 was accidental, when he fell off a Chair during the LIVE recording of “The Samuel Pepys Show”.

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