Under Her Spell


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“My sister, Julia, had already destroyed one man’s life. Could I stop another man falling … Under Her Spell?”

130 episodes, around 26 hours of listening
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Kate Winslow knew that when a man fell under the spell of her older sister, he was destroyed emotionally and financially.

Julia had lavishly spent their father’s estate and worked to poison Kate’s fiancé, Brett, against her. After Brett’s disillusionment he had suicided. On his deathbed he had made Kate promise to take Julia to the old house on the island, hoping the isolation would make Julia analyse herself – and face herself.

John Caradine, a wealthy surgeon, is married to a wife rather like Julia. Eleanor Caradine, very beautiful, is conducting an affair with a man called Garth Stilson, an industrial magnate.

These five people are thrown together in a story of love, hate and violence.

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