A Mask for Alexis


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Christopher March, 32, a barrister and confidential secretary to financier Alexis Brant, has been given a sealed flat packet and five
thousand pounds in francs to be delivered to an agent who would be waiting for him at the airport at Orly.

Around 20 hours of listening (104 episodes)


Along the way he meets titanian-haired Fay Carpenter. After leaving her, he is met at the terminal by two plain clothes detectives who plan to arrest him for the murder of Alexis Brant.
He escapes their grasp and sets out to save his skin, but it’s not until the final chapter, when he’s a lot wiser, if not much older, does he learn who killed Alexis Brant – and why.


A Mask For Alexis – Cast List

Christopher March

Alexis Brandt

Fay Carpenter

Theorodr Kasstner

Godfrey Folland

Sgt Onions

Elaine Brant

Eddie Goff

Andre Fleury


James Condon

David Eadie

Madi Hedd

Leon Thau

Walter Sullivan

John Gray

Lyndall Barbour

Harp McGuire

Gordon Chater

Tom Farley

Written by Lindsay Hardy

Directed by Donovan Joyce

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