The Man from Mi5


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This is a story only one person could tell – Colonel Malcolm Savage – The Man From M.I.5.

104 episodes, around 20 hours of listening


“The Secret of the Devil’s Staircase”, as Savage called this particular assignment, started with what seemed to be nothing but a simple
nursery rhyme. But the perilous investigation that ensued was anything but child’s play.

From London to Scotland he searched for each clue and the final link that would disclose the meaning of that seemingly harmless nursery


 The Man From MI5 – Cast List

Col. Malcolm Savage

Fiona Stuart

Alastair Ferguson

Harry Montrose

Ian Stuart

The Man

Allan Trevor

Marcia Hathaway

Max Osbiston

Kevin Brennan

Peter Wagner

Reg Goldsworthy

Written and created by James Carhart
Directed by Jim Bradley

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