I Killed Grace Random


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A beautiful girl dies in a hit and run accident. Her killer,tortured by his crime,  symbolises Grace’s image in a gripping road safety campaign – and becomes infatuated with her picture
. Not even the police will believe his confession.
(65 x 6 mins: about six and a half hours).



Curtis Miller, a brilliant young advertising copywriter, seemed assured of a bright future – till one evening, driving home from the office he ran over and killed a young woman. Panicking, he drove on, leaving the woman’s body at the side of the road.

Her name was Grace Random and she became symbolic of death on the road through Curt Miller’s efforts. The campaign climaxed with a national Day of Grace. Her picture was everywhere, her name on everyone’s lips. But having made the girl he killed famous, Curt’s sense of guilt was magnified a thousand-fold.

The need to confess became overwhelming – but no-one would believe him. Wasn’t it just that he was suffering from delusions brought about by overwork?

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