Cactus has now been in ongoing production for 28 years and recently overtook the ABC’s Blue Hills as the longest running radio series.

Written by Doug Edwards, with assistance from Shane Edwards and Lindy Wilson, the voice stars are Keith Scott and Robyn Moore. This team has worked together for that whole time. We reckon the current cast of characters – Tony Abscess, Bill Curly, Jewellery Bishop, Queen Bessie of Buckinghuge Palace, Rupert Merde, Prissy Pyne, and Gina Minehart, to name a few – are as good as any that have appeared in the series at any time.

CD’s of ‘The Early Years’ – featuring King Bonza the Charismatic, Queen Hayseed, Paul Bearer the Treasurer, Arthur and Martha of the Cactus Liberal Party, and more – are available from our store. Alternatively go to for more information on the series.

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