Fathers Day appears to approaching more quickly than it used to…  Get in early-ish with these suggestions:

All-Time Favourites:

Cattleman (which is on special this month)

Cactus: In this insane world, Australia’s greatest radio satire puts things into perspective

Dossier on Dumetrius or indeed the complete adventures of Major Gregory Keen

The Castlereagh Line – you/Dad won’t be able to stop at the first volume…

Yes, What? – mischief and naughtiness abound with these tearaway school boys

The Passing Parade – the show that introduces people to history, even those who never appreciated it before

Newly discovered Dad favourites:

Verdict – actual court cases from around the world, and throughout history

Keith Scott – The Voices in My Head Won’t Stop and 21st Century Blues (Keith’s talent is on full show in these releases)

Chickenman – the wonderful white-winged warrior is in a class of his own!

My Father’s House – short, sharp espionage with a twist

The Way Of The Cat – it appears the nice guy will finish last when he encounters a perfectly evil woman

Abel Cain Investigates – an ex commando turned private eye in London of the 1960s

Not sure what ‘sounds’ right? Go to the website and click on the ‘Listen’ tab where you can hear samples of the shows.

Still wondering? Contact us and talk through your queries. Hopefully we’ll help you find the perfect gift for Dad.


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