A History of Radio Drama in Australia from 1920s to 1970s

For more than 90 years a remarkable culture has pervaded the lives of almost every Australian – radio broadcasting.

Peter Philp was born in Melbourne and has spent his working life as a writer, producer and broadcaster. He has the highest respect for radio actors, drama producers and writers, not to mention the invaluable product they collectively created – the play and serial.

Peter’s research and attention to detail have created a ‘must have’ reference book for all fans of Australian radio and particularly for fans of Australian radio drama.

This amazing book features:

– 648 pages packed with year by year details

– is fully indexed for easy reference

– an epilogue with highlights from 1977-2016

– fascinating anecdotes from face-to-face interviews

– career details of hundreds of well-known actors and personalities

– a cast of thousands!


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