Dossier on Dumetrius was one of Grace Gibson’s best-loved and most successful ‘spy’ serials of the Cold War era. (104 x 12 minute episodes: 20 + hours)

Dossier on Dumetrius was probably the best and most successful radio serial ever produced. It introduced Major Gregory Keen of MI5 who was the forerunner to James Bond. The story is set in Post War London and tells of the search for missing Nazi loot which was brought into England by a mysterious, vicious criminal Dumetrius, his gorgeous girlfriend Hedy Bergner and Yottie Bleem, a Butcher who thinks murder is fun. Keen, of course, falls in love with Hedy and only learns her true feelings when the story comes to its highly exciting climax. An interesting and distinctive feature of this programme is the theme melody. Each episode opens with a few bars of whistling, the tune of which is then taken up by a full concert orchestra. The whistling of this theme serves throughout the story to identify Dumetrius and it is finally the cause of his dramatic capture.


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