The Passing Parade Vol 7


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50 tracks on each CD

THE PASSING PARADE with John Doremus was a series of 130 tales that were originally syndicated in the United States. On a visit there in the mid 1960’s, Grace Gibson Productions picked up the Australian, New Zealand and “South Pacific rim” rights to the show.



We actually had great success with it, and The Passing Parade became something of a ‘hit’ in this part of the world.  Unfortunately, that success seems not to have been emulated in the United States itself, and the series ceased production. This left Grace Gibson Productions in something of a dilemma, having a hit show going to air here, but with no more episodes being recorded in the US. What to do?? – Well, we went back to John Doremus and struck an agreement with him that saw a local Australian writer create the scripts, which were then sent over for John to record and ship back to us. In all we ended up with a series of about 1300 episodes.Volume 7 is a further selection of 50 tracks from that Passing Parade…  do enjoy!

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