The Makepeace Chronicle


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The Makepeace Chronicle – a new novel from a much loved actor and voice-over artist.
Kev Golsby has a very recognisable face and voice, but did you know that he also loves to write?

The Makepeace Chronicle is Kev’s fourth book and his first true novel. Previously he’s written a family history, a biography and a novel loosely based on his family’s colonial history.

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This time, combining his interest in history and his natural wit, Kev has produced the rollicking adventures of John Swiftarrow Makepeace.

The narrative is shared by father and son, John and Richard Makepeace, and is set against a backdrop of historical events, extending from the plains of the American North-West and the gold diggings of Ballarat, to the San Francisco earthquake of 1906, the trenches of World War One and an international mid-ocean disaster in the North Atlantic.

The Makepeace Chronicle is very much a story for the escapist reader.

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