For Infamous Conduct


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When Belinda Barry’s wealthy husband was killed and her daughter, Gina, injured, Belinda kept secret the fact that she had been driving the car and looked for someone to take care of her, and Gina.

Disk 1 Episodes 1–65   Disk 2 Episodes 66–130


She went to the small town of Eden to place Gina under the care of an old flame, Eliot Ashton. When they disagree about treatment for Gina and Belinda realises that she can’t take Eliot away from his wife, she turns vicious. However she forgets her anger when she hears that her late husband’s relatives are contesting his will, and leaves to fight for what she considers rightfully hers. Meantime Gina’s eyesight is failing rapidly and Belinda uses her charm to persuade another Doctor (Andrew Sommers) that Eliot had been derelict in his duty of care. A legal wrangle ensues and Belinda becomes entangled in dirty dealings and murder, making the final reckoning for her both tense and dramatic.

For Infamous Conduct – Cast List

Belinda Barry

Eliot Ashton

Miriam Ashton

Pam Casey

Pat Casey

Sgt Walker

Jerry Wade

Andy Sommers

Dr Carr

Sally Bloom



Wynne Nelson

Peter Gwynne

Fay Kelton

Patti Crocker

Robert McDarra

Nigel Lovell

Ron Roberts

Mark Kelly

Reg Collins

Noni Wood

Marion Johns

Beryl Marshall

Written by Kathleen Carroll
Directed by John Woodward

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