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We cover a variety of genres in April – new products in comedy, crime & mystery and some very good drama in our Monthly Specials

Abel Cain Investigates

An ex-commando and one-time member of Interpol, this private detective sets up an agency in trendy London of the 1960’s.
52 x 24 minute self-contained episodes
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Cactus: Buy The Month (March 2019)

Does Cactus pre-empt political and social events, or report on them?
Occasionally it’s hard to determine if Cactus has prompted events in
parliament, or if the pollies have become caricatures of themselves…
21 episodes for $12.00 (download only)
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Life With Dexter (Volume 3)

Willie Fennell created this iconic Australian radio sit-com with the loveable, laughable, and, sometimes ludicrous, Dexter as the lead role. Dexter has long been a family favourite.
15 self-contained episodes. $35.00
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April Specials – in thoughtful anticipation of Mothers Day

Screenshot 2019-04-02 14.31.36
The Castlereagh Line – Buy all 14 Volumes for *$420.00 (the equivalent of 2 vol's for free!)
Give Me No Pity - is her husband dead or alive? $40.00
Violets Are Blue - when is guilty, guilty? $40.00
The Legend of Kathie Warren – a tragic young mother $45.00
*Purchase must include all 14 CDs

Fun, Fact, Frivolous or Fiction…

this month focusing on Spies and Espionage on Radio

1. A very popular genre – whether it be modern, cold-war or even historical - a good ‘cloak and dagger’ story always works well.
2. A genre that works extremely well with the medium of radio – all those word pictures, voice inflections and sound effects create vivid mind pictures.
3. The images represented in these radio series mean that each individual listener creates their own mind pictures – rather than images created by someone else.
4. Traditionally these series were broadcast later in the evening (so that the children didn’t go to bed and have nightmares).
5. The Adventures of Major Gregory Keen (the first of which is Dossier on Dumetrius) was one of the first post-war espionage series. Its outstanding success meant the follow-on adventure (Deadly Nightshade) was commissioned almost immediately. There are five adventures in the series.
6. Long regarded as a forerunner to the James Bond franchise, The Adventures of Major
Gregory Keen were penned by Lindsay Hardy – who had met and mixed with some of the
inspirations for his characters when he was in London.
7. Other popular titles in this genre include A Mask For Alexis, Goodbye Gwynnevere, The Red Gardenia and Undercover.
8. We also have a series titled I, Spy in which each episode is a self-contained story –
supposedly a true story – in which a person or event is detailed.
9. As the behaviour of spies and commandos necessarily involves an element of crime – these stories are usually categorised as ‘Crime & Mystery’. Who are we to draw a line on what is crime and what is espionage???
10. We’ve been told on more than one occasion - that people who listen to these stories in their cars have stayed in their cars after they’ve reached their destination…because they ‘have’ to hear what happens next!

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