This month we have a combination of old-fashioned crime solving and

some specials on love and romance – which also encompass all the drama you’d imagine…

New releases

Dick Tracy – Volume 1 (available mid-late February)

This detective has a very famous name, and he’s appeared as various
incarnations…this one is the Grace Gibson production with Harp McGuire in
the starring role. The series also features Pat Shay as Tess Truehart and Ray
Hartley as Junior. Charles ‘Bud’ Tingwell and Margaret Christensen make
their appearances too. Volume 1 contains 52 episodes and is $40.00

Cactus: Buy The Month (January)

Get ready for the new school…um, parliamentary year by revising your
January homework, aka Cactus episodes broadcast during January. 23 episodes only available as downloads, and only $12.00
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Grace Gibson Radio Classics – Crime & Mystery (Vol 4)

These compilations continue to be popular with people looking for the ‘crime & mystery’ genre, but who prefer variety, rather than all the same show. This volume features a self-contained episode from each of the following: Abel Cain Investigates, The Hidden Truth, The Mistakes They Made, Men of the Sea, Dramas Of The Courts and Stand By For Crime. A taste of classic crime features for just $20.00
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Monthly Specials – February 2019

Looking for something with a bit of love and romance…that comes with inbuilt drama?
The Bishop’s Mantle – a wife rebels in her role $30.00
First Love – innocence and manipulation $35.00
I Know My Love – love rivals in colonial Victoria $35.00
The Sinners of Sonoma – small town jealousies $35.00
This Side Of Innocence – did she marry the wrong brother? $35.00

Fun, Fact, Frivolous or Fiction…

This month focusing on Life With Dexter…
1. Life With Dexter was a fun family series created by Willie Fennell that made audiences
laugh for decades.
2. The genesis of the series was courtesy of the US series of Blondie (& Dagwood), which
had its own genesis in the cartoon series.
3. The suburban Dutton household consisted of Dexter, wife Jessie, son Ashley and daughter Janie.
4. In real life, Willie did have a daughter named Janie.
5. The sponsor of the series was the Commonwealth Bank.
6. Margaret (Peg) Christensen was the original Jessie; and she was followed in the role by
Moya O’Sullivan, Diana Perryman and Margo Lee.
7. Amber Mae Cecil and Beryl Marshall both played Janie, and Ray Hartley played Ashley.
8. According to an interview in 1947, Willie regarded 2 and 3 as his lucky numbers.
9. For many years Willie could not go down the street without someone shouting ‘ow are yer
mate? – a catchphrase of the series.
10. Life With Dexter is currently being broadcast in North Queensland by 4KZ, Innisfail
and 4AM, Mareeba.

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