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light, quirky and very entertaining.  Available as a download or on CD.  A teeny tiny, $9.95 for 20 very funny tracks.


December Specials

Our Monthly Specials



Cactus – The Best of Package (18 CDs)


How Green Was My Cactus – The ‘Best Of’ Package – still just $350.00

We’ve added Cactus: The Best of 2017 to this package which now tallies 18 CDs.

What’s great though, is the price has been affected by zero per cent inflation, meaning it’s still just $350.00 for almost 1800 Tracks – Jacqui & Pauline think that’s uncredible!, or is that uncreditable?!? Anyway, it’s incredible value and makes it a great investment, and, an even better gift!



Religious Bundle – Special Offer

Until Christmas buy The Big Fisherman, The Robe and the old testament-based Judith (usually $49.95 each) for just $99.00 total.




The 52 suspenseful stories contained here will take your mind off the TENSION around you…and because each story is self-contained, you can listen to the episodes intermittently without losing where you’re up to.   $49.95


Major Gregory Keen Series

Long before James Bond, Major Gregory Keen was the star character of the British Secret Service.  Written by Lindsay Hardy, this is one of Grace Gibson’s most popular series.  Each CD is a self-contained adventure and at the discounted rate of $199.80 for the whole series, you’re getting 5 CDs for the price of 4.  An excellent gift idea… $199.80



The ‘fantastic feathered fowl’ has constantly been on the radio somewhere in Australia ever since he first arrived in 1967.  Also known as the ‘wonderful white-winger warrior’, Chickenman is one of the few positive memories most Vets have of their time in the Vietnam conflict.

Another great bargain where you get 5 CDs for the price of 4! $147.80


How Green Was My Cactus – the Best of 2017

Another incredible year on Cactus Island and the Cactus crew has had way too much fun.  $46.95

(available the second week of December)

When the cast arrives at the studio to record and have their first read through of the Cactus scripts they usually fall about laughing – but gallantly pull themselves together (Keith Scott & Robyn Moore are such pros!) in order to create these mini masterpieces thanks to Doug Edwards (writer/producer).

Available as a download or on CD – 100 tracks

Keith Scott: ‘The Voices In My Head Won’t Stop’

A unique blend of comedy, satire and nostalgia from the vocal maestro covering everything from cartoons to news makers, movie actors to singing stars.

Keith is a truly amazing talent!

The perfect gift accompaniment to Cactus: The Best of 2017.  Available on CD or as download


Price Reduction – Grace Gibson Radio Classics

(Compilation CDs) $19.95 each

We’re adding Volume 3 to the Crime & Mystery Series.

An ideal gift for someone who wants a taste of their favourites but doesn’t necessarily want the whole series.

And now they’re just $19.95 each.


Under Arrest

Special Introductory Price…$45.00 for all 3 CDs

We snuck this one in under the radar during November, so in case you missed it, here are a few clues to the series…with classics closing lines such as:

“All right, Quinn – stop crying and look up:  you’re Under Arrest.” – and,

“You might bring that man to, and we’ll tell him he’s Under Arrest.”

We’re sure you’ll find Under Arrest entertaining as well as suspenseful.


Portia Manning Series

Portia Faces Life was a daily favourite for many, many years.  In each of these stories, Portia Manning solves a particular case.

Here we give you the opportunity to buy all 4 Portia Manning dramas for just $150.00 instead of full individual retail total of $202.80.  Quite the bargain…

Still can’t get enough of Portia?  Then try the following dramas, in which Portia makes a guest appearance:

Thirty Days Hath September

Violets Are Blue

Clayton Place


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