Anyone interested in a long listen? We have a new release and some specials just for you, plus a new volume of a long-running series – read on for more

Office Wife

Office Wife is a drama set against a background of both office and home. It deals with the jealousy which can exist in the mind of a wife whose handsome husband spends seven or eight hours every day with his beautiful secretary.
Written by Lindsay Hardy (of Dossier On Dumetrius fame), Office Wife stars Dinah Shearing as Marcia and Richard Davies as Harry Palmer, with other cast members including Keith Eden, Lyndall Barbour, Margaret Johnson and Monty Maizels.
208 x 12 mins $55.00

Hunt The Man Down – Volume 12

Private Investigator Dick Mallory is a man of the world who lives for full-blooded excitement and the intense thrill of the chase. When life is quiet with his ‘day job’ International Investigations, Mallory accepts private commissions that promise hazardous living in any of the far-flung corners of the world.
The series was written by Ross Napier and stars Frank Waters (star of Cattleman) as Dick Mallory.
15 x 24 minute episodes $35.00
Screen Shot 2022-07-29 at 12.06.43 pm

August Specials

It’s been a long, cold, wet winter so why not opt for a long listen to escape some of the harsh reality? Each of these series contains at least 200 episodes – that’s over 40 hours of listening. And at only $35.00 each you could probably opt for a couple of them!
A Judgement For Julia – huge stress between a mother and grandmother
A Love To Remember – after her death, the secret life of an actress is exposed
Adopted Son – to find out at 21 that you’re adopted causes lots of conflict
Close To My Heart – the horrifying past returns to haunt a beautiful woman
This Time Forever – the love saga of a migrant and an heiress in the Australian bush
Thunder In The Straight – a strange Australian connection to this UK horse industry story
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Screen Shot 2022-04-30 at 9.11.14 pm
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