Two of our most popular series return with new volumes, newly released Classic Cactus, and ‘time’ is a feature of our October specials.

Night Beat Volume 10

“Hi there, it’s Randy Stone from the Night Beat. Join me as I rove the beat getting my stories – the grim ones, the strange ones and the gentle ones. It means I’ve got to be everything from a private detective to a good Samaritan – a fighter too if I want to remain in the mediocre state of health I’m pleased to regard as good.”
There’s plenty of action in this fresh volume of stories from the Night Beat.
15 x 24 minute self-contained episodes. $35.00

Hunt The Man Down – Volume 10

This series offers a selection of top-quality dramas from a variety of authors, all presented by the top actors of the day.
A wide range of genres is covered in this series – romance, mystery, light-hearted entertainment; with some a little darker in tone. Every story contains eight episodes offering an average of around two hours of listening to complete each tale.
48 x 12 minute episodes

Classic Cactus: Buy The Month Sept 2021

From Fathers Day to the footy finals, get set for giggles in our latest edition of Cactus: Buy The Month featuring all the tracks that aired on radio during September. Your favourite Cactus characters make appearances too – Arnie & Sly, Pauline Hatful and the dole-loving Bogans!download only
Screen Shot 2021-07-27 at 3.29.40 pm

October Specials

The passage of time and the passing of time have become features of our ‘Covid’ lives, hence the theme of ‘time’ for the titles of this month’s specials...and they’re at the bargain price of just $30.00 each.

This Time Forever – Love and prejudice in the Australian countryside
The Clock – ‘Father Time’ tells human interest stories
Tomorrow Is Mine – A tug of war (and all-out war!) between mother and daughter
Time Is The Catcher – Crime, corruption and decadence in 1970s Sydney
Forever Is A Long Time – A web of intrigue catches a former undercover policeman
Reach For Tomorrow – The rivalry and competitiveness of three sisters

Image 29-9-21 at 2.41 pm
And, our featured ‘package buy’ this month is The Early Cactus Collection
An historic record of King Bonza’s four terms in office is now available - Cactus Pieces, Cactus Slices, the Cactus Chronicle (a 1988 Bicentennial celebration), King Bonza Rides Again and Cactus Goes Bananas. Buy all 5 for the price of 4 - just $80.00 (buy four, get the fifth free!)
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